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Nourish Your Emotional Roots: Winter Gathered Retreat Offering

Sunday January 26th 9:30-3pm

You are your emotions. Your emotions form the foundation for how you identify yourself and relate to the world.

We love when our emotions feel good and positively motivate us. But what about the emotions that are at the root of your negative thoughts, self-judgements, and even your persistent bad habits? We tend to label emotions as “good” or “bad” depending on how they make us feel.

What if you related to all your emotions as wise messengers? What if even the most uncomfortable emotion signaled an opportunity for you to pause, connect to your intuition, so that you can learn what in you wants to be more fully expressed or grow?

What might change for you if you cultivated the ability to welcome your full range of emotions with equal curiosity and grace?

Anger, grief, sadness, envy, shame. . . how much space do you allow to receive the wisdom of these emotional messengers?

Join us for a day to connect with yourself among others who share your journey. Our retreat day will be time for you to:
  • Slow down and connect deeply with yourself through yoga.
  • Be guided through a visualization intended to help you expand the part of yourself that is a loving, compassionate witness to all your emotions.
  • Enjoy a delicious and healthy Ayurvedic lunch, courtesy of co-host and yoga instructor, Suki Kermes (see below for more about Suki!)
  • Experience system constellations, a transformational healing modality that helps you gain insight about stuck patterns by using group process and representatives to gain new information to open you to forward growth.
  • Be supported in safe space to experience and grow among other fellow-seekers.
  • Restore yourself deeply during guided yoga nidra, a sleep-like rejuvenating yoga experience.
Program Logistics:

Time/date: We will be gathering on Sunday January, 26th 9:30-3pm

Location: Gathered Birth in Media, PA (11 S. Olive Street, Media PA 19063 (3rd floor)

Investment: $60. Payment accepted via PayPal, Venmo, or personal check. This includes lunch, morning snacks, and tea. Registration ends Monday January 20th. Space is limited, so don’t hesitate to reserve your spot!

More about Suki Kermes, yoga instructor and self-care advocate:

“My yoga journey began way back when I was teenager and fell of a horse. Simply drawing one’s awareness to her breath. To be with herself. To establish a space where she is held and listened to, from the inner realm, by linking movement with breath. This is where change begins, where foundations are shifted and re-established to be fertile ground rooted in joy and supple strength. And we as women tend to deny ourselves this basic right, to belong. We disconnect from our bodies, hush our inner voice and calling and allow society and the pressures of family/work/the daily dregs leash us and take us for a wander. Down a path we wouldn’t necessarily have ever chosen for ourselves. There’s a potency that comes from gathering, the term sangha or “community” is what we call it in yoga. It’s why I teach yoga classes, there’s something palpable and potent that seeps from the collective community when we practice together. Even if it’s just one person exploring how to be with their breath & what her breath has to show her. One woman opening that door to self-acceptance and re-inhabiting her body in the realm of love. From this coming together we can do great things.”

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