Too timid to share your value and vision?

There is something inside of you that craves fuller expression… and more visibility. So you can feel more satisfied. So you can make more of an impact in the world around you.

Maybe you have an insight or skill you know would help others.

Perhaps you hold a wise vision about the way things are or how your corner of the world could be made a little better.

Maybe you have a gift, talent or way of being that would enhance the experience of those around you.

…if only you were willing to take up more space, be visible, and share your value loud and proud!

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Aligned Progress is Cyclical

There is a cultural myth that if you are not actively and successfully creating a bigger and better life (whatever that means to you), it might be because of some moral weakness; maybe you are not dedicated, tenacious, gritty, insightful, hard-working, or even spiritual enough…

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What to do if you don’t have enough time or money…

Time and money are very socially understandable reasons to stay stuck (specifically that there are not enough of them!)

Time is legitimately limited: only 24 hours each day for every person. Money limitations can bring more shame and blame, especially given some of the confusing “you can manifest anything” messages out there in the world of personal growth.

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Winter Wisdom

Happy 2019! Does it feel to you like spring should be around the corner now that you have fully indulged the winter holidays?

Alas, winter has only begun. In years past I’d forget this each January, which led to feeling disappointed and low when the holiday celebrations subsided and at least two more months of dark and cold days lay ahead.

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Eat Dessert First

Does it seem to you that old people care less about what people think of them? What freedom! What trust in one’s self! Who doesn’t want more of that!?!

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Princess or Wise Warrior Woman?

Once upon a time, in a not so distant land, there was a strong and hardworking princess. People from all over the land counted on her to make the day-to-day minutia of the kingdom run smoothly and she was always willing to extend a generous hand to those in need. In her private moments, the princess spent minutes upon hours daydreaming about the adventures, projects, and contributions that made her heart thrill.

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The Curse of the Capable Woman

Last year my husband started an Executive MBA program. He goes to work in the day, studies most nights and is in class many weekends. This is a big departure from the routine we created in which we co-created our family time and shared household and parenting responsibilities.

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Art of Resilience

Resilience is an up-and-coming buzz word in the world of personal growth and achievement. But the concept can get misconstrued to become a source of guilt and burden for those who already hold themselves to high standards of integrity and success.

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Wise Anger, Intelligent Despair

As with most people, not all my emotions are equally welcome in my everyday life. I have done (and continue to do!) a lot of work in this arena, but the truth is that  I grew up in a household more comfortable with anger than sadness, so it is on ongoing practice for me to affirm the power of vulnerability. 

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The Science of Happiness

When is the last time you thought “I’ll be happier once I find the right job (or get the raise, find the partner, lose the pounds, launch the business, or finally go on vacation!)?

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