You Don’t Have to Know How. . .

The day after the inauguration, women from all over the country journeyed together to take a stand for respect and human rights for all. In my small hometown, many dozens of women were up before the sun to board two buses headed to Washington D.C.

One bus was about two hours late arriving to pick up the expectant women (and children, and a few men). Fast forward about an hour and you’d see the same bus broken down on the side of the rushing highway.

Enter our everyday heroes.

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Unstoppable Commitment

These past months I have been fully immersed in a soul-searching process of re-invention, re-working, and re-aligning my coaching services to support my clients with improved clarity, boldness, and power. I began this phase of reinvention bright-eyed and full of inspiration. I felt an uneasy yet exciting sense of trepidation and courage embarking on an unknown quest for, what my intuition indicated, was a more authentic and effective way of supporting my clients.  I took two figurative steps forward on my journey and ran smack into my good friend, RESISTANCE.

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Ordinary Extraordinary Summer

This summer, I am practicing the art of enjoying and celebrating the normal, everyday wonderfulness of my life.

As with most anything worth doing, this is a practice. I’ve never found the light switch that turns on and keeps on gratitude and bliss. Instead, I practice searching for the rays of light in my life.

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Women Unite!

For the past several months I’ve been working with a woman who left a prestigious job because she wanted to pursue a career that felt more meaningful to her. It was a big, scary choice, full of unknowns. Recently, the risks she took and the seeds she planted have started to bear fruit and it’s incredibly exciting and inspiring to witness. Not only is she finding success in her chosen path, but she loves the life and the life balance she has created too! 

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Breaking into a Bigger Wholeness

Picture me carrying a huge barrel. My arms are barely long enough to grip the sides. It’s heavy. It’s taller than I am so I can’t even see where I am going unless I crane my neck to peer around the sides. It looks uncomfortable, right? But it must be very important since I’ve persisted in carting it around for so long…

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