Complacency’s a Killer

I’ve always been a goal person. When I was a younger adult my goals were big and splashy and included traveling to faraway lands for months at a time or pursuing adventuresome jobs and advanced degrees so I could be a part of big changes.

Then I got married and had two kids.

The focus of life shifted from pursing my dreams to maintaining my busy life. The responsibilities of caring for belongings, getting the job done, and being present for loved ones left little time and energy for anything else.

How can you cultivate an “extracurricular” interest or goal after the work day is complete, the dishes are washed, and the bills are paid? How do you incorporate meaningful change in your life and pursue your passions without sacrificing the stability of the great life you’ve created?

I can relate to feeling unsatisfied with a truly blessed life. I spent years struggling to name my desire for meaningful, intuition-based work that used my gifts and encouraged others to use theirs. I worked hard to listen to my heart while quieting the guilt, ‘shoulds,’ and fears that what I wanted might be impossible. And I kept (and continue to keep) innovating and creating structures that allows my family and myself to have stability and security in the midst of me pursing my dream.

If I can do it, you can too. This is the work I do with people every day. I help people identify and powerfully claim their power and passion. Together we restructure your inner and outer life so that you eventually achieve your heart’s desire. The self-awareness acquired during the process of fully living into your bigger possibility is invaluable.

Staying safe and comfortable (and often busy!) without giving voice to your inner calling has real consequences. It looks different for everyone, but what I tend to see in my work are people who have great lives on the outside, but the experience on the inside is restless, resentful, or stressed from trying to fill life with all the wrong things. Having your outer reality at odds with your inner reality can be an incredibly confusing, isolating, and guilt-ridden existence.

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