Growing in Groups

Life transitions such as aging parents, divorce, kids entering school, career shifts, health challenges, etc., can feel unsettling (to put it mildly!). We often define ourselves by what we do and who we serve. When you can no longer claim those pieces of your identity due to shifting life circumstances, it can call into question some of the bigger life questions.

What does a ‘life well-lived’ mean to me? How can I move towards living it?

What are my core gifts and challenges? How can I powerfully incorporate them into who I am being and what I am doing in life?

What lights me up? What brings me solace? When do I feel most fulfilled?

What will my next life chapter look like?

Here is what I love most about these re-invention questions:

  • Asking them is universally resonant. Living intentionally requires you to grapple with the big questions that shape your life and personal identity.
  • Paradoxically, each person’s re-invention process is also unique, requiring deep self-reflection to unearth your next iteration of truth, meaning and full expression.

Re-invention stages of life are the perfect time to gather with others on their own parallel re-invention journey. In times of big transition, it is normal to feel overwhelmed, a bit lost, and alone. Exploring your journey with others is one of the best ways to gain clarity about your path forward, as well as gain insight about your own individual strengths and challenges.

Small, supportive groups are also the perfect forum to activate inspiration and motivation for aligned change in your life. In a group you quickly learn that some of the stuff that feels most impossible or terrifying about creating a new life chapter is actually really normal, which brings a huge sigh of relief and decreased sense of personal burden.

This is why I am so excited to facilitate the first Growth Group Program: Growth in a Re-Invention Stage of Life to give you the perspectives, tools, support, and dedicated space you need to uncover parts of yourself that may have been submerged so that you can breathe new possibilities into your life.

In the company of like-minded others who share your journey, you will stretch and grow your sense of identity and you will feel empowered to start a new chapter with intention and courage.