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How Coaching Works

I’m so glad you’ve taken this important step in service of you and your greatest life!

I work with clients experiencing a myriad of different life circumstances. Some examples of areas of change my clients want include:

  • career shifts or advancements
  • entrepreneurship
  • relationships and parenting
  • finances
  • health and well-being
  • creative and spiritual endeavors

The foundation of my coaching creates breakthroughs in the patterns of emotion, thought, and behavior that shape your relationship to your circumstances. Your coaching program is customized to fit your unique needs. However, there is a basic process that you’ll be guided through containing the following elements:

Identify what you really want.

Get clear on what your vision of a fulfilled and successful life is (separate from what other people or society thinks success looks like). It’s easy to live a life from others expectations or ideals, but I will help you dig into and honor your personal vision, because that is the key to your experience of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Explore why you want what you want

Gain insight on your core values and purpose. In coaching, we clarify the WHY behind what you want. The Why is the source of sustained motivation and inspiration, and can act as a directional arrow when life takes its twists and turns.

Discover your unique and essential nature.

You are uniquely brilliant with valuable gifts to share with the world. Through coaching, you will relate to yourself as your essential brilliance, which will attract into to your life more possibility, success, and joy. This step often includes practicing trust: trusting that you have more than enough of what it takes to make your dreams a reality. You are never alone on your journey!

Strategize and get in action!

Together we break your big, lofty goals down into motivating bite-sized pieces and co- create personalized structures and methods for accountability to keep you moving forward. We ground your dreams and weave into your life the baby steps that have your dreams become reality. Awareness and desire need to be coupled with action and commitment.

Make friends with resistance and fear.

In the process of trying new things and challenging yourself, you will inevitably be confronted by your fears. This is a great opportunity to get supported in increasing your muscle of compassionate curiosity to help you identify at an ever-deeper level the habituated patterns of thought, belief, and behavior that get in the way of attaining your dreams.

Be unstoppable!

The easy part is making goals – the challenge is staying committed to them. Achieving your dreams is an ongoing and creative process. To help you stay on course, I help you identify and innovate strategies to overcome your stops. I am here to continually reflect back to you your commitment and provide tools, perspectives, and sources of inspiration to keep moving forward whether it’s baby steps or big leaps. This process creates a transformative shift, as you begin to relate to yourself as whole, capable, and infinitely resourceful.

Care for your whole self

You are the foundation to all you are creating, everyone and everything you love. The extent that you are challenging yourself and learning and growing is the extent that you need to prioritize YOU. We will co-discover what self-care means to you, taking into account all aspects of a healthy and joyful person (physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, relationships, etc).

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