Ordinary Extraordinary Summer

This summer, I am practicing the art of enjoying and celebrating the normal, everyday wonderfulness of my life.

As with most anything worth doing, this is a practice. I’ve never found the light switch that turns on and keeps on gratitude and bliss. Instead, I practice searching for the rays of light in my life.

Some moments, the light shines brightly and all I have to do is widen my eyes to take it all in: the pride of a professional accolade or the joy of watching my child swim on her own for the first time.

Most days, I have to seek out the light by slowing down and paying attention. Then I hear the ongoing chatter of my children as precious; I notice my husband’s strong hands and renew my attraction towards him. When I intentionally seek the light of gratitude, each conversation becomes a possibility and there is no greater gift than offering simple service.

Even shadows are expressions of light, if you choose to see them that way. Part of my practice is to look for the gifts within the frustrating or disappointing moments in my day too. And when I can’t clearly find the gifts, I practice trusting that they are there despite my limited perspective.

Life is what we make of it. Every day, every moment can host a range of emotions, reactions, and circumstances. It is up to us to see the light and celebrate our life as a journey. What value is there for you in practicing grace, gratitude, and trust?

Life coaching is soul work. No matter what your circumstances or aspirations are, we are all engaged in a soul journey toward wholeness. What you want in life is an expression of what you are here to learn, experience, and create.

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