Princess or Wise Warrior Woman?

Once upon a time, in a not so distant land, there was a strong and hardworking princess. People from all over the land counted on her to make the day-to-day minutia of the kingdom run smoothly and she was always willing to extend a generous hand to those in need. In her private moments, the princess spent minutes upon hours daydreaming about the adventures, projects, and contributions that made her heart thrill.

But why, oh why is our princess daydreaming about what is possible instead of making it happen?

I know too many amazing women who have the fairy tale belief that if you give your time and brilliance generously to people and causes, then somehow your own needs and wants will magically be met. In my personal experience and in my work with hundreds of women, it doesn’t work this way!

By playing the generous, self-contained princess you not only end up with less than what you ideally want, you may also begin to feel resentful, or angry, or depressed. These are all normal responses if you have been giving, flexing, and filling in gaps to make life work for those around without giving your own needs and wants the same priority.

Here is the good news: Change is 100% possible for you. You can move towards the career, healthy lifestyle, relationship or whatever you desire and leave the resentment and blame in the dust.

Now the bad (uncomfortable) news: For you to have what you want, you have to take stand. You have to be clear inside yourself and then clear to those in your life about what you need and how you see making it happen.

Is now the time for you to learn how to be an effective advocate for your vision of a healthy, inspired life?