Individual Coaching

Through individualized coaching, you dig deep to uncover your personal vision of fulfillment, and begin to relate to yourself as powerful, capable, and uniquely poised to bring into being your grandest dreams.

The one-on-one structure of individual coaching:

  • creates a safe container for you to gain awareness and break through personal fears, excuses, and other forms of resistance.
  • allows the time and support for you to develop effective habits, structures, and patterns of thought and behavior
  • build muscles around continually committing to your goals and staying in action towards your intended future.

My individual coaching program includes:

  • Twelve Private Coaching Sessions over a four-month length of time. Each session is one hour in length. All sessions take place remotely via video conference or by phone. We will schedule approximately three sessions each month, which allows time for both focused forward momentum, as well as room for reflection, vacation and a break.
  • Accountability Worksheet before each coaching session. This supports you in owning your process, creates a powerful launch pad for a productive coaching session, and creates an accountability structure to support ongoing awareness and action.
  • Customized Areas of Practice after each coaching session. Each session concludes with co-created areas of practice to support new insights and move your objectives forward. I love to share personalized tools, resources, and sources of inspiration with clients throughout your program..
  • Laser Coaching and Email/Text Support between sessions. I am available via email and text in between sessions for logistical communications, and offer “laser” coaching (10-minute targeted support calls) as needed up to twice a month.

To learn more, schedule your exploration session now.

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Exploration sessions are the best way to discover how working with me can support your best life. Sessions are free, 100% confidential, and without obligation or pressure. I look forward to connecting with you!