“I have accomplished a lot while working with Gwenn. I wouldn’t have improved my working relationship with my boss, expanded my team, and mastered office politics without Gwenn. I have paid down my debt by more than $10,000 after decades of only adding to it. I also exercise regularly and find myself eating healthily. Perhaps the biggest difference I have noticed is in my relationship with my husband. Our relationship has blossomed. Gwenn is an amazingly perceptive coach, often articulating what I am thinking before I utter a word. She is unafraid to push me when necessary. She is just so smart. I recommend Gwenn highly. You will be in good hands!”

-J.B., New Jersey

“Before I started working with Gwenn, I was overwhelmed and felt like I had reached a crisis in my professional life. I didn’t know what to do next or even what I wanted. Through working with Gwenn I was able to look at my own ideas around failure and success and develop practices that support a more empathetic view of myself. I was also able to develop guideposts for what I want my future work to look like as well as take actions, such as researching new career paths and scheduling informational interviews. What I love about working with Gwenn is I always know I’ll come away from each session with a set of activities, or homework, that will get me one step closer to my goal.”

– K.G., Wallingford, PA

“Prior to working with Gwenn, I had been through a divorce that I was unable to put behind me. I needed a tune-up in my communication skills and confidence. Gwenn gently allowed me to discover my many strengths and counter my need to be in control. She asked the hard questions and guided me to ways of expressing my feelings. This led to more genuine relationship with my grown children. Once I felt seen and heard, my confidence increased as a valuable contributor to my family and society. I am so grateful for this opportunity to work with Gwenn because I have an awakened awareness of who I am and in the process, I have become a better version of myself.”

– T.H., Pennsylvania

“I really enjoyed my coaching experience with Gwenn. When I started working with Gwenn, I was in a job that felt safe but had become unfulfilling and was no longer working for my life and needs anymore. Gwenn helped me to become really clear on my values and what I wanted for my life, as well as how I wanted to show up in my life. After every coaching session, I had new perspectives and valuable action items. Gwenn provides a new perspective in a beautiful and gentle way.

I used to feel like I didn’t know my strengths and weaknesses very well. Through working with Gwenn, I began to feel comfortable recognizing and owning my strengths and weaknesses. I now am able to communicate my value to others in a meaningful and articulate way when needed. The work with Gwenn also helped me to realize how quickly my brain can work and how valuable it can be to allow some time for pause and reflection. I love how Gwenn starts each session asking how she can provide support for you today. Through this work I also found ways to provide myself the support I needed.”

– C.H., Pennsylvania

“Before working with Gwenn, I struggled with a feeling of unworthiness. I felt like I was trying to “have it all” but didn’t deserve more. I felt conflicted about balancing family and my business while also being sane. Gwenn helped me to get to the core of what I wanted and why. I grew my business by 25% during the year that we worked together. Gwenn has taught me to listen to and trust myself, to put myself on the priority list, to embrace who I am and the value I bring to this world. I have described her as a light in the wilderness. If you are on a personal development journey and feel ready to meet yourself at a deeper level, I highly recommend Gwenn Prinbeck Coaching to help you on your way. She provides guidance with wisdom and care.”

– D.Y. Pennsylvania

“After spending 8 years home raising children I was struggling to identify and make space for my passions beyond my family. I was at a point of transition and wanted to cultivate a professional identity that I felt I’d lost in motherhood. Through my work with Gwenn I’ve been able to clarify what brings meaning, purpose, connection and joy to my life and put into place strategies for intentionally cultivating those things. Together we have identified areas where I get stopped in my creative process and find ways to work through those challenges to achieve my goals. Gwenn has helped me to be in the driver’s seat of my own life. I have new, more empowered stories to tell about myself, my passions and my goals. I always leave our calls feeling more confident and empowered to make positive changes.”

– B.K. Oregon

“The investment in Gwenn’s coaching was one of the best decisions I have ever made. She is extremely patient, professional, and attentive. I would highly recommend Gwenn to anyone who is looking to become the best they can be.”

– S.H. Pennsylvania

“My time working with Gwenn is one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself. I started coaching when I began work as the Director of a nonprofit I admire, but negative self-talk and fear of being a lackluster leader were holding me back. Gwenn helped me to see a clearer picture of who I am as a person, a professional, and a leader. Working with Gwenn led me to a deeper understanding of the positive changes I can make in my community by staying out of my own way and leading with my true self. I am happy and confident in my new position, and I credit my coaching experience with helping me embrace this latest adventure.”

-R.E. Georgia

“Working with Gwenn has enabled me to totally change my approach to tackling big (and small) projects. She is remarkably open, supportive and adept at uncovering the heart of what I aim to express – even if I can’t put a finger on it. Gwenn asks highly targeted and specific questions that allow me to think beyond my original plans and assumptions. Instead of haphazardly trying to bring my ideas to life, Gwenn showed me a systematic approach that includes accountability – which was the missing piece for me. Working with her has helped me to analyze my goals more thoroughly, set specific priorities and to map out my work in a way that makes each step manageable. Thanks to her help through coaching, I am now in action and bringing my biggest ideas to life!”

-K.D., Arizona

“Gwenn is amazing! She is really good at breaking my goals down into manageable action items and helping me enact change in areas of my life that have been stagnant for years. She’s illuminated old coping mechanisms that were not obvious to me and has helped me unpack and break down patterns that no longer serve me. She is articulate, easy to relate to and be open with, and her non-judgmental tone and encouragement make me feel comfortable being my true self. My work with Gwenn is teaching me that I am more powerful than what I have perceived as my biggest hurdles.”

-E.G., Wisconsin

“Gwenn’s coaching has supported me in several diverse areas of my life. Together we have explored benefits of how I work on a professional team and how I relate to vision and leadership. I’ve gained incredible awareness of who I am in my marriage and ways I can show up powerfully and in partnership. Gwenn has reflected not only my areas of strength, but also ways to challenge myself to grow. Gwenn’s coaching style is focused, compassionate, and innovative as she stands powerfully for her clients’ integrity and joy.”

-L.K., New York

“When I think of my conversations with Gwenn I think of forward movement. She helped me transform the swirl of hopes, dreams, and anxieties that typically swim in my mind into a series of actions toward positive change. Gwenn consistently brought energy, attentiveness, creativity and heart to my coaching goals. I’m certain that the rewards of sessions will continue to present themselves as I move in the direction of a more fulfilling and authentic life.”

– A.G., Pennsylvania

“Working with Gwenn has been a great positive experience. With her guidance I have truly been able to see life and its circumstance from a different perspective that allows me to get past my old stories and create new ways of being so I can live a life of full of possibilities.”

-M.K., Pennsylvania

“When I started working with Gwenn I was feeling very stuck in my career and paralyzed to take any action. Over the course of our work together, Gwenn helped me see that not only did I know what I wanted my next move to be, but that I also had the agency and ability to make it happen. For anyone who wants to make a change or even just wants to think about making a change, Gwenn will help knock down walls and bring long-standing patterns into the open. She did that for me, and I can say without a doubt that she helped change my life.”

– J.C., New Jersey

“Before I began working with Gwenn, I was just coming out of an abusive personal relationship and entering uncharted waters personally and professionally. I wasn’t exactly sure what I needed from Gwenn, until I started talking with her. During the weeks we worked together, I felt supported and validated. She helped me give me practical organization to all of my projects. . . she also coached me to a higher degree of self-awareness. During our time working together and continually, I have worked to shape my personal life into a fulfilling one for me and my family and have made great strides career-wise. The idea of independent projects also seems so doable now, whereas when I met Gwenn it all just felt like a big mess I would never untangle. What I have loved the most about working with Gwenn is her mix of practical solutions, empathy, humor and sincere appreciation for individual accomplishments. I trusted Gwenn’s process. I can only hope my testimonial provides at least half of that for someone else who could benefit from some love, validation, organization, self-reflection, great book recommendations, and laughs along their journey.”

– R.P., New Jersey

In the spring of 2018 I felt as if my life was falling apart and that my mind and health would soon follow if I didn’t reach out for help. My business was flourishing but as a result I was neglecting my self care and struggling to keep all of the balls up in the air. As if that wasn’t enough, my teenager had a mental health crisis and parenting solo had just taken on a new, scary meaning. I reached out to Gwenn for help and we worked together for four months. It was one of the best gifts and most valuable investments I’ve ever made. I needed someone to help me focus on what was most important for me, for my children and my business and to help me reduce the amount of balls I was juggling. I needed relief and reframing. I needed a gentle support and nudge and sometimes unlayering of the emotions and old behaviors that kept me in fear and rescue mode instead of standing in and owning my power. Gwenn helped me clarify my personal and professional goals. She has a very soft yet powerful way of moving you from frantic and overwhelmed to seeing yourself as the powerful divine light at the end of the tunnel. Because of the clarity and growth from our sessions, I feel more powerful, more peaceful and able to thrive and not just survive day to day. I was able to hire a virtual assistant to support my business, make it a priority to find the time to express the creative and playful side of me, and spend more quality time enjoying my children. I am 100% sure that the change in my mindset and the internal strength and peace I have in my life has helped my children heal as well. I will forever be grateful to my inner voice that said “call Gwenn” and to Gwenn for answering.

– T.A., Pennsylvania

Gwenn is the support we all deserve. Working with her was a breath of fresh air after therapy, which at times felt redundant and motiveless. I wanted to be living a healthier, more active life after a long history of failed attempts and chronic illness. My time with Gwenn helped me see my health more broadly, and to create meaningful change I now feel prepared to maintain. On low, unmotivated weeks, I would be hesitant to have my call with Gwenn (like a student who didn’t do her homework!), and after always felt so supported, and seen and motivated to move forward. Her ability to get to the heart of what is standing in your way of success and peace, is at times, uncanny. I still can’t say I totally understand what magic fairy dust she uses, but I’m all in!

– L.R., Pennsylvania

When I started working with Gwenn, I was feeling very stuck. I was in a career transition, but ambivalence kept me from moving forward. Negative self-talk inhibited me from keeping up with old friends, making new friends, and expanding my professional network. I did not choose traditional talk therapy because I had “been there, done that.” I wanted someone to help me engage more fully with living; I wanted to learn how to move forward. Through very close listening and thoughtful questions, Gwenn led me to illuminate my core strengths and obstacles. Her compassion and acceptance of whatever “mess” I presented provided a safety net throughout our time together. The bigger the mess, the more encouraging she was about uncovering key insights. Gwenn turns straw into gold! With Gwenn I learned that I am enough and that moving forward is an experimental process. Working with Gwenn I absorbed these and other lessons on a very deep level, not just a refrigerator magnet level. The ripple effects from these shifts include being happier and more confident. It feels like my brain is different because of working with her. I feel free to take risks, and to move forward even if the movement is not linear, and to recognize “failures” and “obstacles” as places where I can choose what works best for me in those situations. I am confident in my unique strengths, and my unique ways of thriving. I loved Gwenn’s focused presence; she has a warm and supportive sense of humor and offers ideas but does not promote any “one size fits all” set of results. She supports people to discover and activate their particular gifts and ways of proceeding toward their goals. If you are ready for this kind of work, which is both deeply challenging and deeply effective, I can think of no better companion for your journey than Gwenn. I recommend her heartily, and with profound gratitude.

– C.J.,Wisconsin

Prior to working with Gwenn, I felt stuck and out of alignment. I felt like I wasn’t honoring my truest self nor was I creating and attracting better outcomes. I grappled with questions like, “Who am I called to be?” and “What’s my purpose?” My essence was buried under layers of armor and I didn’t know what it or how to call it forth and choose from that higher place. My sense of stuck showed up daily — I was in toxic situations, always defensive, and my perspective was that despite doing all the “right things,” nothing could change some of these bad hands I was dealt. Gwenn’s gentle questioning was filled with curiosity in a way that it was easy for me to follow along with the same curiosity. I found myself pleasantly surprised by how my own perspective or approach to a situation had flipped on its head by the end of our calls. With the support of Gwenn’s coaching, I now re-identify as an artist after nearly 20 years and am able to look at the world and choose through that lens again. I was able to get out of my own way. This work is personal, intentional, soulful, and life-changing and I would recommend it to anyone who despite feeling stuck, also feels curious and willing.

– C.D., Pennsylvania

When I began coaching work with Gwenn, I had already logged several decades of adult life and was more than aware that time really is precious. So why, I wondered, did I so often keep on “wasting” it and have such a hard time completing things that I genuinely wanted to accomplish? Thanks to Gwenn’s superbly developed coaching skills – persistently and patiently applied with deep caring and integrity – I learned to use specific principles that now help me approach each day with a smile and with the confidence that I can use my time well to accomplish my goals at a reasonable pace. Bravo!

– N.D., Pennsylvania

*For confidentiality reasons, photos are not actual clients, but purchased photos representative of clients served.

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