Time to Get Off the Hamster Wheel

Feeling chaotic, stressed, and way too busy has become as comfortable as our favorite old sneakers. The sneakers may be stinky, with holes in the toes and very little arch support, but they are so familiar, they fit our feet without rubbing, and have worked well enough so far!

Humans have an amazing ability to get accustomed to almost anything. Unless the pain gets intense, we often choose to stick with what we know, rather than initiate uncomfortable change.

You stay stressed and overly busy, even though you know it may adversely impact your health and happiness. You keep going even when you notice you are secretly resentful about all you’re doing, or are drowning in the experience of never being able to do enough.

The opportunity available in slowing down is that you create the space to notice and feel whatever there is to notice and feel. This proactive, intentional way of being can make change less intense and scary.

I’ve had to learn (and relearn) this lesson myself! I used to choose my direction and then put my head down and push my way forward, come hell or high water! The thing outside me, whatever it was I was aiming for, was in the driver’s seat and there was no space to reflect or question or feel. Inevitably I’d hit a wall. I’d get sick, or sad, or so angry that I’d blow up my goal so that it was no longer an option. There was not much choice or discovery available to me inside this pattern.

But what’s the alternative?

When it feels the most impossible to put down the things that keep you so crazy busy is the time when pressing pause is the most important. For me this looks like finding time and space to listen to myself. Simply getting out of the swirl for a bit helps me see possibilities outside of the “have to’s.” There are abundant solutions and support and space available if you take the time to see them.

What are the “have to’s” that keep you running ragged? Is it a never-ending to-do list? Or a punishing schedule of activities? Maybe you are the one who everyone turns to for comfort or help, which ends up overshadowing your own needs? Or maybe you wear so many hats-professional, parent, caregiver, housekeeper, social planner, etc-that you forget who you are when you are not one of these roles?

If you are looking for a way to step off the hamster wheel of your busy life, consider getting some support. If it’s been awhile since you were present with your hopes and dreams, it can be legitimately disruptive to tune in and open up to the possibility of change.

Support can come in many forms: a trusted and steady confidante, a life coach, a mindfulness practice, or a supportive group of like-minded people.

Now is a great time to consider joining Gathered Birth’s Annual Women’s Retreat for women of all ages and stages. This will be an amazing opportunity to gain an elevated perspective on who you are and what you are wanting to be true about this chapter of your one precious life. The early bird special ends September 1st!

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