Time to Slow Down, Reflect, Create, and Nourish Yourself

I am neck-deep in pre-holiday planning. It’s not my favorite activity, but I’ve learned to invest the time to reap the rewards later. Between now and the new year, my family has birthdays to celebrate, a trip to take, and loads of holiday gatherings and activities to consider.

I genuinely love all the “special” that is on the horizon. But I have learned to plan ahead and be discerning in what I say “yes” to. . . so I can have both fun and my emotional sanity.

I need down time; time to putter around the house, read, sleep, snuggle, be outside, invest in my work. If I go from one social engagement to the next without refueling my introverted self I will DEFINITELY be more judgmental of myself and others, grumpier, less tolerant, less joyful. . . and most definitely consuming more chocolate than is best.

Overdoing it is super easy—so I do my best at this time of year to look into the future and schedule times for everyone’s favorite family tradition, while also making sure to dedicate some down time each day for me and my family.

I also know to anticipate the post-holiday slump; the time of year when I routinely realize that the coldest, darkest part of the winter still lie ahead. My win-win idea is to give holiday gifts that are tickets or “IOU’s” for shared, future adventures: theater dates, museum outings, spa days and so on… and I schedule those shared adventures for late January into March, when I know I will be craving both inward time and time to connect with the dear ones in my life.

With that in mind, Suki Kermes, yoga teacher, self-care advocate and wonderful friend, and I have created a Gathered Women’s Retreat offering for you, perfectly timed for when you start to notice that you are craving some time to slow down… reflect… create… nourish yourself. Because of my obsession to plan ahead (a wise obsession in my opinion), I wanted to share this offering with you and my community now. So that you can plan ahead.

Join us on Sunday, January 26th, to gather with a supportive community of women, from all ages and stages of life, to nourish your emotional roots.

There will be gentle yoga, guided reflective journaling, facilitated sharing, and family constellations (a three-dimensional group process that can be amazingly powerful in shifting personal dynamics.)

The day will be devoted to exploring your current relationship to the rainbow of emotions and how to tap into, and fully allow, the wisdom they offer. This is an excellent opportunity to reconnect with yourself, nourishing your relationship to your emotional self.

Plan ahead! Invite a friend (or give her registration as a gift!). Contact me with questions and go here to register today!