To Desire Is Human. . .

Do you want more from life?

Do you somehow make up that it is wrong to want more? More ease, more fulfillment, more connection, more adventure. . .

How loud is the voice in your head that asks “Why can’t I just be content with my pretty good life? Am I being selfish? Too big for my britches?”

Thank you for wanting more. I think wanting is a core attribute of being human. We desire. We dream. We want.

It takes courage to listen to our desire and dream big. It can be scary to open yourself to a bigger possibility that resides in the unknown. I relate to your desire as a wise nudge towards the next thing there is for you to learn, grow, or give.  There would be no art, so invention, no innovation, and no inspiration without a desire for more.

I work with people who want more from their already pretty good lives. Sometimes a bit of digging is needed to unearth the wise desire under what you want. It is the deeper desire that points us towards a truly fulfilled life where our gifts and talents are given and received.

I recently worked with a working mom who came to me ready to re-invent her life as a single parent. Life was chugging along, everyone was fine, but she had a growing sense of being an imposter in her own life. Her head was in the clouds while her actions perpetuated the habits that kept her stuck and spinning her wheels. She felt guilty and sad not being emotionally present for her children, and she knew she wasn’t happy. She wanted more.

At the outset, her goals included creating a working budget that allowed for long-term savings. She wanted to earn degrees to advance her career. She wanted to lose weight and start dating. Most of all, she wanted to create a stable and loving life for her children.

As we worked together what emerged was an old, deep belief that being joyful was at odds with being responsible. Humor, vitality, and play were part of this woman’s core nature, but she had put her inner child in a time-out to “do” life as a responsible adult.  From this awareness, it made sense why dutifully abiding by a budget, exercise plan, or study routine seemed to trigger an immediate rebellion in the form of a shopping spree or ice cream binge.

Together we brought into the light this woman’s deepest desire: self-trust. She wanted to know that being her true self–fun, spontaneous, joyful–not only didn’t inhibit, but enhanced her ability to achieve her dreams. Could she not only create a bigger life, but also enjoy it?

With the support of coaching, she worked incredibly hard, at inner and outer levels, to shift her old beliefs and create new, more empowering beliefs and patterns that empowered both her adult dreams and her core, joyful nature. She stretched herself, took risks, got honest, allowed support, and stayed in action.

And she created amazing results! She created a smart and sustainable time and money budget “game” that included low-or no cost “rewards” for her and her children. She took up dancing as exercise and used on-line dating as a place to practice celebrating her inner and outer beauty. She not only moved her coursework forward, but ultimately identified the hidden career objective that she had never thought possible, but totally lit her up and motivated her forward.

She stopped playing small and started to have fun dreaming big.

If you have been playing small while silently dreaming big, then it’s time we talk. Contact me now for a free and private exploration coaching session. Maybe you know exactly what you want, or maybe you just know that you want to feel differently about your life. The heart of my work is supporting people in giving their most authentic gifts to the world to generate the win-win of service and personal fulfillment. Click here now to schedule your exploration coaching session. Together we will explore what you want, what is getting in your way, and how I might serve you and the creation of a life you love.