Too timid to share your value and vision?

There is something inside of you that craves fuller expression… and more visibility. So you can feel more satisfied. So you can make more of an impact in the world around you.

Maybe you have an insight or skill you know would help others.

Perhaps you hold a wise vision about the way things are or how your corner of the world could be made a little better.

Maybe you have a gift, talent or way of being that would enhance the experience of those around you.

…if only you were willing to take up more space, be visible, and share your value loud and proud!

What gets in the way of your visibility? Shortcut through all the circumstances and excuses and usually the greatest thing in the way of sharing your unique brilliance is that… VISIBILITY IS VULNERABLE..

Especially when your truth or offering is close to your heart or central to your sense of identity, the prospect of letting others know what is important to you or special about you can feel scary.

It can be very frustrating, disheartening, and confusing to believe in something so deeply and yet find yourself holding back, letting yourself get interrupted, or not grabbing the opportunity to insert your voice unless explicitly invited to do so!

When you shy away from being visible in your brilliance, you start questioning yourself, your pursuit loses momentum, and your being to feel stagnant, less inspired and less motivated.

I want you to allow, even advocate, for your brilliance to be seen and heard so that the people who need to receive your gifts can! The world needs your insight and offerings.

The more you lean into your unique gifts by sharing them freely and widely, the more confident and fulfilled YOU will feel. Win-win!

To step into visibility requires first and foremost inner inquiry and work. It is vital to bring into your awareness the fear that lies beneath feelings of vulnerability. The awareness is a jumping-off point and opportunity to create a new, empowered relationship to visibility. Like anything worth doing, this is a process that benefits from consistent attention and practice. To start, consider the following questions for yourself:

  • What is a project, idea, or talent that you might be underplaying or hiding?
  • What might be possible–for you, for your community, for the world–if you were to make that thing more visible?
  • What do you sense has been holding you back from leaning into being more visible?

If you sense there is an essential part of you that has been submerged under months or years of “to do’s” and “shoulds,” please pause and consider how your experience and the experience of those around you could be transformed if you were to let your brilliance take up a little bit more space. If you want support identifying, articulating, or taking action so that your work, insight, or truth can be more visible, please contact me today!