Unstoppable Commitment

These past months I have been fully immersed in a soul-searching process of re-invention, re-working, and re-aligning my coaching services to support my clients with improved clarity, boldness, and power. I began this phase of reinvention bright-eyed and full of inspiration. I felt an uneasy yet exciting sense of trepidation and courage embarking on an unknown quest for, what my intuition indicated, was a more authentic and effective way of supporting my clients.  I took two figurative steps forward on my journey and ran smack into my good friend, RESISTANCE.

My unique resistance cocktail is a blend of fear (I don’t have what it takes), procrastination, very good excuses, and restless dissatisfaction.  Over the years, I have learned to recognize my resistance as an indicator that I am playing closer to my potential. Which doesn’t mean that it goes away. On the contrary, the deeper I dig and the harder I play, the more my resistance shows up.

This phase of reinvention has been a terrific time to practice the art of being unstoppable in the face of resistance. In support of your inspired goals for 2017, I’d love to share with you my top two tips for staying in action:

  • Invite your creativity. Achieving your goals is an ongoing and creative process. Expect the process to deviate from what you initially envisioned. Let’s face it, the bigger the dream, the more the details vary!  There is always a next step you can take.  When you really don’t know what to do and everything feels big and important and dire. . .take a breath. Invite some play  or self-care into the picture.  Levity can be access to your creativity, allowing you to “think outside the box” to forge a way forward.
  • Allow support. It can be scary to tell people your resolutions, especially if you’ve publicly fallen short of declared goals in the past. Keeping secret your intentions can rob you of a major source of motivation and inspiration. Sharing your goals with others creates personal accountability, support when you can’t see your way, and celebration when you succeed. Not to mention that pursing your dreams is a beacon of inspiration for others who may be called to live a bit bigger and bolder.

If you are someone who has gotten stopped by the tension between your intentions and your actions (resistance!), please contact me now for a free and private exploration session. Together we will explore what you want, what is getting in your way, and how I might serve you and the creation of a life you love. Click here to schedule your exploration session.