What In Your Life Needs Re-Invention in 2020?

Your life is multifaceted. Having many ways to work, play, connect, and create is what makes life rich and rewarding.

The process of re-invention is an opportunity to shift out of autopilot mode in order to get intentional about how you are using your precious time, energy, health, and wealth. Take a minute right now and ask yourself the following questions:

  • In what areas of my life do I feel fully seen, satisfied, and acknowledged?
  • Given what I currently know about myself (needs, wants, tendencies, etc.), in what ways does my life fit me?
  • In what ways do I notice that my life does not quite fit me anymore?
  • What aspects of my personality and abilities want more opportunities to be accessed and expressed?

My guess (and hope) is, that when you paused to reflect, you contentedly noticed that your life is pretty good in many ways. Nice work! Pausing to acknowledge what is working in your life is a powerful act of gratitude, respect, and celebration for yourself.

And because I know humans, I’d bet that you also noticed some aspects of your life that could use some attention and re-invention. Maybe you need to innovate anew in order to make exercise a regular part of your routine. Or maybe you got honest about just how tired and frustrated you are with a job that taps into a minuscule part of your potential. Or maybe something has obviously shifted in your life circumstances so that you know for sure that change is needed.

While it may not seem like it, this is all good news! Most humans are wired to respond to the potential for change as unsettling. A more accurate view of change that you are safe and resourceful enough to create more of what you want in life.

The way I approach re-invention, for myself and with my clients, is from the inside, out.

Re-invention is the process of intentionally taking stock of your core identity in order to craft life circumstances that allow for your fullest expression.